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My first anime festival asia. The big bag is full and my white purse is crying. Bought fandom stuffs mostly. Feels like a nerdfighter, plus I got Galadriel cosplayer to hug me, teheheheh #AFAID14 #LOTR #anime #manga #fandom


Newspaper headlines over the past month, chronicling Israel’s blood-soaked deception.

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Happy Birthday Uchiha Sasuke~! 23/07



happy birthday mr. uchiha


Happy Birthday - Sasuke Uchiha 


[23.07.2014] Happy Birthday, Sasuke! 

Wow, such cool, much ikemen #manga #reading Trowa Barton in another universe, I approve #GundamWing


I think the story that kills me the most, is the story of the neighbors who all gathered themselves on the roof, in a hope that when the Israeli pilots see them all as a large group of unarmed civilians, they won’t bomb them.

They assumed that the Israeli pilot would have a shred of humanity. They overestimated his conscience, and underestimated his depravity.

Peaceful methods work only if your enemy has a conscience.

And you still ask us why we fight?

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Such an inhumane act, this is disgusting. Mohammed Abu Khdeir, may your soul rest in peace.

Oh my god

Here’s a source for further info. 

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this explains some madness in idol shrine (aka Fx Mall Indonesia)


L’Arc~en~CielWORLD TOUR 2012 THE FINAL (WOWOW LIVE 2012.07.22)

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To everyone rewatching Gundam Wing right now, this is a reminder that the Gundam Pilots are just kids.

This is a reminder that they could have chosen a safer path, a road to better future like other youngsters like them, but they opt to fight.

This is a reminder that they have never dreamed of enjoying the glory of winning a bloody battle.

This is a reminder that, if they were real people, they would have probably done more and seen more in three years than you and I could pack in ten years. And we’re much older than them.

This is a reminder that they probably didn’t expect to live through the wars at all.

This is a reminder that after it’s over, all-too-real nightmares are their frequent visitor at night, that there is no real sleep because they continue to fight even when they close their eyes.

This is a reminder that they may be fictional, but there are real child soldiers out there, not mounting mobile suits but barefoot in the desert or woods or war-torn streets, breathing their last as we speak.

This is a reminder that we only see minimal bloody violence in the series and know that’s just sugarcoating, because in exploding suits and battleships there is more to the result than just people screaming “It’s a Gundam!” before they were kept silent, forever. Aside from blood and fatal wounds, there are families that grieve and broken hearts that will take forever to heal.

This is a reminder that perhaps no TV series or film or documentary showing how awful war is can ever make humanity learn (how many of them are there already, anyway?).

And this is a reminder that that doesn’t mean we should stop hoping and working together for peace. :)



A dawg with his dog



A dawg with his dog


Life’s barely long enough to get good at one thing.